Garden Rubbish Removal Melbourne

Sick of staring at an unsightly, cluttered backyard or yard? At ABC Rubbish Removal Melbourne, we make cleaning up garden and yard junk, trash, waste, debris and clutter easy. With over 10 years experience, we are the leading local experts at garden and yard rubbish removal across Melbourne and the suburbs.

Our friendly team offers fast green waste removal service for all garden and yard rubbish, junk, trash, waste, debris and clutter across the city and suburbs.

Our fully licensed team will efficiently clear away all your garden and yard rubbish, waste, junk, trash, debris and clutter. We take care of the hard work so you can enjoy a clean, tidy outdoor space again.

From overgrown lawns, weeds, grass to tree branches, leaves and building waste, we haul away any type of garden and yard junk, trash, rubbish, waste, debris and clutter. We leave your residential or commercial property clean, tidy and revitalized.

Contact us today to schedule a flexible site inspection and no-obligation quote. Let us refresh your garden, yard, outdoor areas and make them clean oases once more.

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The Step-By-Step Process

Our garden and yard rubbish removal process is designed for maximum efficiency:

  • Schedule a site inspection and quote. We’ll assess the extent of rubbish, waste, junk, trash, debris and clutter and provide a fair, fixed price quote.
  • Prepare the area. To enable access, clear any bushes, trees, branches or debris from the working area.
  • We will load everything into our trucks and vehicles for proper disposal, including plastic bags, plant matter, tree limbs, leaves, branches and other organic waste.
  • Leave your property clutter-free. We dispose of everything legally and leave your garden, yard, outdoor areas looking clean and tidy.

Optional extras available too like plant/tree removal. Ask us for details.

Key Benefits

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Fixed quotes mean no surprise fees
  • Flexible booking times, including weekends
  • Eco-friendly waste disposal
  • Improves garden, yard safety and aesthetics

Garden waste and yard rubbish removal comes with minimal risks if performed by experienced professionals like us.

Signs You Need Removal

Some clear indicators it’s time to call us include:

  • Overgrown grass, weeds, vegetation
  • Excessive leaves, branches, tree debris
  • Old furniture, lumber, junk lying around
  • Dumped waste, rubbish, trash, bottles, cans
  • Limited access to garden, yard, outdoor areas
  • An unsightly mess impacting appeal

Don’t wait until it gets out of hand. Call us as soon as you notice excess garden and yard rubbish, waste, junk, trash, debris piling up.

Rubbish We Remove

We remove all types of garden and yard refuse, junk, trash, rubbish, waste, debris including:

  • Grass clippings, leaves, weeds
  • Tree branches, logs, limbs
  • Plants, flowers, green waste
  • Lumber, wood, appliances, furniture
  • Tools, pipes, rubble
  • Bottles, cans, paper, packaging

Our trucks have a 2-3 tonne load capacity enabling us to clear large amounts in one trip.

Removal Services

Our all-encompassing garden and yard clean up services include:

  • Full junk, rubbish, waste, debris removal
  • Green waste disposal
  • Tree branch, limb and stump removal
  • Tree stump grinding
  • Weeding and digging services
  • Drain and gutter cleaning
  • Gardening shed and basement clear outs

Our Experience

  • We have over 10 years in business.
  • We have done 500+ garden and yard clean up jobs.
  • Our team of 10 has handled all types of removal.

Trust us to do the job right.

Sustainability Practices

ABC Rubbish Removal Melbourne promotes recycling, composting and green waste collection to keep useful materials out of landfills.

Moreover, we recycle, compost or responsibly dispose of all the garden and yard rubbish, waste, trash, junk and debris. We adhere to EPA guidelines to minimize environmental impact.


How much does your garden rubbish removal cost?

Our quotes are customised based on the amount of rubbish, access and services required. Prices start from $250 for small loads.

Do you take care removing trees and plants?

Yes, we thoroughly protect surrounding structures and plants when removing trees, stumps or large shrubs.

Are there any items you don’t remove?

We don’t remove toxic or hazardous waste like asbestos, tyres, chemicals etc. Just household garden rubbish.


“The team were efficient, friendly and left no trace of debris. My gardens look immaculate now. 5 stars!” – Jane, Canterbury

“I was struggling to maintain my large yard until I hired these guys. Excellent service and very reasonably priced.” – Ryan, Richmond

“After clearing up my overgrown backyard, I can finally use my garden again. Very professional service.” – Sophie, Abbotsford

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